Ruabon Cemetery


 Ruabon Cemetery Charges 2017/2018


The prices of burials and the internment of ashes for 2017/2018 at

Ruabon Cemetery are as follows:-

Purchase of exclusive rights for up to 3: -  


                                                      £250 (Resident) £500 (non Resident)

Purchase of cremation plot (2 openings):- 

                                    £150 (Resident) £300 (non Resident)


In addition to ‘Charge of Rights’

Burial Charges are:-         £150 (Resident) £250 (non Resident)

Internment of Cremated remains:-  

                                    £100 (Resident) £200 (non Resident)

Headstones - Authorisation to erect           £75

Tablets – Authorisation to erect                 £75

Additional inscriptions                              £25  

Charge for preparing ground for internment of Ashes £30


The above charges have remained unchanged since 2014/2015




Ruabon Community Council


Rules applicable to the Cemetery



The new section of the cemetery shall be laid out in a lawned system whereby only a single headstone (with or without integral tribute holder) shall be permitted at the head of the grave.
The headstone shall stand upon a rectangular concrete base measuring 3 feet (91cms.) by 2 feet (61cms) by 2 inches (5cms).

The placing of floral tributes, shrubs, flower vases and other containers shall be restricted to the shelf of the headstone or the concrete base where this exists or within a space of 20 inches from the headstone face other than during a period of a month immediately following an interment.

No glass vases will be permitted.

The planting of flowers, shrubs or other vegetation is not permitted. The Council will not be liable for any damage or theft of flowers, vases or floral tributes.

No area of grave space will be permitted to be enclosed or covered by kerbstones, plinth stones, palisades, rails, chains or in any other manner. The laying of stone chippings or similar material on the grave space is not permitted.

The Council reserves the right to carry out such works as turfing, sowing, cutting or planting on any grave space as is deemed necessary. The Council also reserves the right to remove from grave spaces items not permitted by these Regulations and which have not been removed by the family at the formal request of Council staff.

Gravestones, Memorials, Monuments

Details of all proposed gravestones, memorials and monuments, including full detail of intended inscriptions, must be given at least fourteen days prior to erection.

The number of the grave corresponding with the Burial Register shall be inscribed on the rear base of all monuments, headstones and memorials.

For a period not exceeding 5 years after interment, a wooden cross may be erected at the head of a grave subject to the following specification:

a) the overall dimensions shall not exceed three feet (91cms) in height and two feet nine inches (84cms) in width.

b) the cross shall be constructed of a good quality hardwood of four inch (10cms) square sections, half-jointed and secured.

c) any plate used for inscription purposes is not to exceed four inches (10cms) in depth.

When a headstone, monument or memorial is taken down to facilitate interment, it shall be re-erected at the expense of the owner to the satisfaction of the Council.

Headstone Specification

a) The material shall be of natural stone with the front face polished.

b) The maximum size of the headstone shall be:

Height and thickness - 2ft 10inch (86cms) by 4 inches(10cms); Width - 2 ft 8inch (81cms)

c) The maximum size of the base shall be;

Base width and thickness - 2 ft 10inch (86cms) by 4 inches (10cms);
Base front to back -1 foot (30cms).

d) The vase / vase holder to be incorporated into the base.

e) The whole to be erected on a rectangular foundation measuring at a maximum 3 feet (91cms) by 2 feet (61cms) by 2 inches (5cms).

f) The overall height of the memorial including the base and headstone shall not exceed 3feet (91cms).

g) If it is required, an additional base can be provided within the outline of the existing rectangular foundation to a maximum thickness of 4 inches (10cms). This additional base must however, be accommodated within the maximum overall height measurement of 3 feet (91cms).

h) The memorial must be installed and fitted in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons' Code of Working Practice (as amended) and must be assembled using a suitably accredited ground anchor as detailed in Section 3.2 of the Code of Working Practice and to the satisfaction of the Council

Cremated Remains

The specification of lawn type memorials on spaces set aside for the interment of cremated remains shall be:

a) The material shall be of natural stone with the front face polished.

b)The stone shall be a flat or wedge shaped cremation memorial at ground level measuring a maximum of 18inch(46cms) by 18inch(46cms) or 15 inches (38cms) by 20 inches (50cms).

c) The placing of floral tributes, shrubs, flower vases and other containers shall be restricted to the tablet other than during a period of a month immediately following an interment. No glass vases will be permitted.

Areas set aside by the Council for the interment of cremated remains shall be maintained in a lawned condition and neither crosses, headstones, chippings or similar materials, are permitted to be erected or laid in such areas.

Repairs to Headstones

All private graves and memorials must be kept in good repair by the respective owners of the right to interment. In the event of repair being deemed necessary, one month’s written notice will be given by the Council. If no action is taken by the owner, the repair will be carried out by the Council at the expense of the owner.

The stability and condition of the headstone should be checked every 12 months by a recognised stonemason to be undertaken at your expense. Failure to do so may result in the Grant owner being held liable for any injury or death caused to a third party, should the injury or death is shown to be due to the condition of the memorial or the manner in which it was installed.

Memorial Seating

Memorial seating will be allowed in the Cemetery following the approval of the Council provided that:

i. Seats I benches are of an approved design and construction.

ii. Applicants must meet the full costs of secure installation at a location to be agreed with the Clerk prior to erection.

iii. Damages and repairs must be rectified and paid for by the party wishing to install the seating.

iv. The Council reserves the right to remove any seating which is no longer in a suitable or safe condition.

v. The Council reserves the right to reposition any seating as required.

General Conditions

It is recommended that all contractors working within the cemetery have a minimum of £5m. Public-Liability insurance.

The Community Council has a duty of care towards visitors. In order to comply with this duty the Council will carry out its own safety inspection of memorials. In the event that a memorial is identified as a potential hazard, the Council will take all necessary action to reduce the risk. The Council will attempt to contact the Grant owner at their last known address to inform them of the reason for taking such action. Any costs incurred by the Council in removing the risk or in taking remedial action will be charged to the Grant owner. Regular inspections arranged by the Grant owner will avoid the need for such action.

In the event that you require further advice or information, please contact :-

Mike Blackshaw, The Clerk, Ruabon Community Council,

The Village Hall, Maes y Llan Lane, Ruabon LL14 6AD.

Tel. No. 07805670157